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Monday, 1 February 2016

Posting Early...

It's February 1st today!  Love is soon in the air so they say.  I am going off to spend some time with my little love, my grandson, so I am posting this early!  

We will be at the Historic Farmers' Market Saturday Feb 13, 2016.  It just happens to be the day before Valentine's Day.  I picked a "sock couple" a His and a Her,  from our stock to show you.  Doesn't it look romantic?

Happy February to All!  The month of Love :-)
Basically just 6 more weeks of winter, regardless what the Groundhog tells us tomorrow! Enjoy!

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Ask Me? Re: Good Karma Farm Crank-in June 2016, Your Ambasador by the Sea :-)

If anyone has any questions regarding the Crank-in hosted by Good Karma Farm, you are certainly welcome to ask me!  We have been there all 4 years. This year will be the upcoming 5th Annual.  I am certainly one of their unoffical ambasadors.  You can email me at:
or private message me over on Ravelry to screen name of:
or check out the Ravelry group of CSM~ Ravelry, as the crank-in information, questions and discussion from all years is there! 
Bonnie (MsB) or whatever else you care to call me  

To Our Fellow Crankers be here, Good Karma Farm, Belfast Maine, June 2016!!!

Friday, 22 January 2016

Sat. Jan. 23rd Market

Good Day to All, just breezing through to tell you that we will be at located in front of the set of 3 Orange doors headed towards Kreative Knits, Upper Main Courtyard tomorrow Sat, Jan 23rd, 7am-1pm.  Beside us you will find Boates Farm. Come on down to the Historic Farmers' Market on Lower Water St if you are in the area!

Monday, 18 January 2016

Let it Snow!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!  Wednesday and Saturday gone past, we had a couple blasts of snow and we had to dig out.  I did manage to get a photo outdoors in the snow though. Here I am featuring some of our Men's winter trending colours, all which look great with the wood and snow backdrop.  The blue colourway is one of the Rain Forest series I was talking about in an earlier post.  If you happen to be at the market this week you will notice that I  have marked all the tags of the sock pairs that are made of yarn from the Rain Forest series with a green tab.  Yes, we will be at the Historic Farmers' Market, this Saturday, January 23, 2016 from 7am to 1pm!  We have lots of Socks, Adult Hats and Baby Hats to choose from.  They are Hugs for your feet and Hugs for your Head!  I will be wearing my new Comin'Ashore Boot Socks, and this is a reminder too, that we do make these by custom orders.  It was a little chilly at the market,our last attendance, so this week I plan to be dressed in more layers.  But never fear, my tootsies never get cold as they are always toasty-warm!  Do you know why that is?

Sunday, 10 January 2016

My Personal Pick!

My Personal Pick! There are so many colourways that have entered Socks Made On 88's sock world. I thought it be fun to have a personal pick, just like Chapters does by having a Heather's Pick. This is one of my most favourite colourways. It just happens to be one of the colours from the most recent selection of Rain Forest Series. And here is a tid-bit of information. From every ball of yarn sold from the Opal Rain Forest Series, one dollar goes towards the Rain Forest Association and Rescue. In 2015, Opal has donated over 147 000 EUR which is equal to 221 000 CDN dollars to the "Save the Rainforest" Association. On January 23, 2016 you will notice that I have identified all the sock pairs on our display rack with a green tab on our sock tags. We want to point out to you the socks that belong to the Rain Forest Series. We want you to know also that we are helping the environment, and you are also too, when you buy a pair of socks made from the Rain Forest Series. We will be back at the market on Jan. 23/16. Be sure to take a look for a tag with a green tab, they may just be the perfect pair that you are looking for to have for Hugs On Your Feet! Here is a picture of my personal pick. The colourway is called, Kalle!
Yes you can view this write-up and picture on our Facebook page too!


Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Colour Your World of Feet

by adding some colourful, cozy socks to your wardrobe.  There is no doubt they will brighten a January day.  Socks Made On 88 will be at the Historic Farmers' Market this coming Saturday, January 9, 2016.  7am to 1pm.  Look for us by Boates Farm just before the 3 set of orange doors heading towards Kreative Knits in the Main Upper Courtyard.  And if you can't make it down this week, well then we will be back at the market again on Jan 23, 2016.  Hope to see you sometime soon.