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Socks Made On 88
Socks Made On 88

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Socks to Kitchener, but not today because it's sunny and feels like Spring!

Socks to Kitchener, but I just do not feel in the mood today!
Oh my gosh, I would rarely say that...  but the sun is shining, and I have so many other things I want to do today. We have not had the sun here often in Nova Scotia yet this spring. In fact, is Spring really here to stay now?  I want to clean the clothesline with soapy water, to hang out some bed sheets and then it will be ready to hang out socks soon too.  It will be a busy week for MrB and I, and I am wondering how much Socks Made On 88 work will get done.  Thank goodness we will have another week to focus on that stuff before our next market.  And that is one reason why we do not like to go every week.  Oh, and my kitchenering will get done tomorrow after I bake a cake to take to my son's place on Thursday.  This will be the first time visiting him since they moved back to NS from Toronto.  They moved back the end of October but they made several visits to us and now its our turn now that winter has surpassed and the roads are better. We are excited to make the 5 hour drive.  SPRING, how I welcome you in so many ways finally!

Very Early Past Posts

I just want to inform my new blog readers, that if you are reading some of the very original posts and they speak of: our ball winder, swift, forks and weights, all of those pictures were removed from the main blog page and replaced with some other photos during the time  in which I was having problems with the blog, April 11th and April 12 th, 2014.  But in saying that, all of the things are pretty self-explanatory and I am sure you will get the drift if those particular photos do not exist now!  Thanks for your cooperation.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

HALLELUJAH!!! and even Bigger Smiles on Me!

Hi Folks!  I am back!  I was just in the midst of trying to figure out my stradgedy to repair my blog, and I got a message from Blogger Help.  My blog is now back up and running better than before, and all posts are complete with pictures!  A great big sigh of relief and my heart does not feel as heavy now.  Bigs smiles to all.

Smile :-)

We had a good market today, and a good time!  It always ends up being quite a gruelling day since I am up at 5am.  Today, I seem more relaxed and chilled so a perfect time to work at getting my blog page more presentable, which I have.  One page now done, many, many, many more to go!
But at least today I can smile!  Last night I was not much in the smiling mode, so to speak. GRRRRRR  It was almost like it was meant to be as I have changed the introductory page and I like it better than it was before.  Again, I want to say, please have patience with me to get the photos reinstalled to their proper posts from the last couple of years.  It will be an ongoing-work-in progress!

Friday, 11 April 2014

Temporary use of one of my pictures to add some colour until I get things sorted out or not!

Google Problems

I may have lost all my photos and I am going to do my best to add some more photos to continue the blog running.  If I can not do that or access it, I may have to discontinue this blog.  I have to see what I can do.  :-(

edited:  I am still able to use and post to the blog (Thank Heavens) and in the next post I have added some photos just to add some colour since all the other photos are gone.  I was able to re-add some photos to the latest posts.  Somewhere I have all my photos or most of them and if I can not get google or blogger to retrieve them all for me, I may have to gradually one by one add them back into my blog myself.  It will be a tremendous tedious job, but this blog means too much to me to just give up on it, and dissolve it.  It is my plan to get it back to looking half decent with a pleasant appearance little by little again.  I am so very sorry for how it looks now, my deepest apologies....but it will survive!!!! I am feeling in better spirits now knowing that the blog, maybe not be salvaged as a whole, but at least partially.  It may have a different look if I can not get it back to like it was, but it is my mandate to try to recapture a big part of what I created along the way with many of my past posts!  Please be patient!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Is Spring here to stay?

Is Spring here to stay now?  I sure hope so!  It was a truly beautiful day yesterday, finally, with temperature of +14C which is about 57F.  It was so fantastic to see the SUN.  I could not help but get outdoors and capture the sole crocus on the lawn with some very colourful baby hats.  And if you need to brighten a very grey day, like today filled with showers and downpours, just try this ever so bright colourful sock pair on for size!  If this pair can't brighten your day by having them on your feet I don't know which pair can?