Socks Made On 88

Socks Made On 88
Socks Made On 88

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Brigadier says...

Come on down to the Historic Farmers' Market and check him out in operation with MrB's assistance, demonstrating the art of sock making, Saturday, October 22, 2016.

Monday, 3 October 2016

October 8th a big day for Socks Made On 88

Not only will we be at The Historic Farmers' Market this Saturday October 8, 2016 7am-1pm,  but some of our product items will be displayed at the Crafters Village at the Atlantic Agricultural Fall Fair this weekend.  We have not done this before and are hoping that some of the viewers will eventually check us out at the market too! It is always nice to have new customers purchasing our socks and hats.  And just to let all of you know, Blake always demonstates the Cicrular Sock Machine at the market.  The art of sock making is in progress right before your very own eyes every attendance we have at The Historic Farmers' Market.  Our upcoming attendances before Christmas will be October 8th and 22nd, November 5th and 19th, and December 3, 17th and 24th.  

Our large display of short-tabbies will be inclusive for this week's market and then they will be available at hand, upon request.  

Starting November 5th we will be bringing out our Left-Overs, andDeranged socks pairs for the Christmas season. Plus Christmas colurways, and extra stock too.
 Close encounter of some of our sock pairs!
Every time we are at the market, Blake is demonstrating the art of sock making on the CSM!

Friday, 23 September 2016

CONTACT INFO: Please Note!

That when making my last blog entry today, I was notified that any information on my blog that is hyperlinked that states our website url, our facebook page, and the link to our market will not be posted on my blog, come September 29, 2016.  I still want to have these available to you on my blog.  I have taken a picture of all of contact information in hopes that you can still come to my blog and if you want to connect with our website, facebook page , market link or find our email address it is all there in one spot.  I am told that the search button to my blog will remain, so this gives me an opportunity to still take advantage of this option.  I am posting this now so that if you see this you will remember, Oh yes I can go to the search button and search CONTACT INFO, and find what you need! :-)

Milestone: September 22

On September 22, 2012 it was our very first time being a vendor at the Historic Farmers' Market, Brewery Square, Halifax NS.  So today being September 23 means we are into year 5!  Tomorrow we will be at the market, Saturday September 24, 2016 7am-1pm.  We will have our Show and Sell Display as well as Blake will be demonstrating our CSM, making socks on the spot!  Come hang out with us!

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Just squash some of your Saturday plans and pay a visit to the market instead...

Saturday, September 3, 2016 7am -1pm 
Historic Farmers' Market, Keith's Brewery Halifax NS
Socks Made On 88 shows and sells Socks and Baby Hats.
We have 4 different sizes of Baby Hats, one of them will be perfect for that Autumn Baby arrival that you are expecting!

Tuesday, 9 August 2016


Those are the women's sizes shown here, only a smidgen of colour and what is available on our show and sell display rack!  All Happy Colours for your feet!  We will be at the market at Historic Farmers' Market, Lower Water Street, the old Brewery this Saturday, August 13, 2016 (7am-1pm).  We will also be there again Sat. August 27/16 and September 3, 2016 Saturday of the long Labour Day weekend.  

From now to Spring 2017, we will be making twice monthly visits to the market.  The month of December will be especially special with 3 intended stints for all your Christmas  sock needs. We also upped our appearances in the months of July and August.  Happy to accomodate our old, new and potential customers for the tourist season also. And we are so very lucky here in Nova Scotia that the tourist season extends well in October.  August , September and October are 3 months that I surely look forward to meeting so many wonderful people out and about at our market! How many of you will be sporting, Hugs for your feet?

Short-Tabbies for the cool summer night...

Some of our short-tabbies that are available for this summer/fall season! We will be at the market this coming Saturday, August 13/16 (7am-1pm) Looking forward to meeting you, one of our many customers :-)