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Monday, 17 June 2019

Spring edging into Summer

Well its the last few days of Spring, edging into Summer!  We will be at the Halifax Brewery Market this coming Sat. June 22, 2019.  Our off- season is completed and we will be back to our regular schedule.  Reminder: Our market attendance schedule is at our website and states our intended stints until the end of December, 2019.  We welcome all to stop by and chat and to watch MrB demo the circular sock machine!

8th Annual Good Karma Farm Crank-in

The crank-in once again in Belfast Maine was a huge success!  Jim and Amy Grant hosted the 8th Annual crank-in, and we all look forward to the 9th Annual in June of 2020. :-)

Monday, 25 March 2019

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Just try and burst our bubble! :-)

We are loving the Monet collection, we will have some more on our display rack for the March 16, 2019 market!  Stop by!

Sunday, 3 March 2019

March is here! Does that mean Spring will be here soon also?

I must admit I do not come here as often as I have done so in the years gone by.  Today is March 3rd and I wanted to print this note in green, but honestly must say if you look outdoors it is completely WHITE.  We had a snow storm here last night!

We were at our Market yesterday as a vendor.  Now into our 7th year it just seems old-hand and I do not feel like I need to sell X number of pairs of socks.  It just seems to come naturally now that they sell themselves!

I had a repeat customer yesterday say to me that he loves our socks and after wearing them does not desire to wear any other socks except ours!  That has to be a very great compliment indeed.  :-)

I had another customer who stopped by to say he got a pair of socks for Christmas and did not want to take them off.  I said that is good, perhaps you need another pair?  With that, he got another pair as a gift from his partner!  

It really makes MrB and I feel good that we do have so many returning/repeat customers.  And I would say this is the time of year we get most of them Jan, Feb and March.

We are soon heading into our off season which we usually consider the months of May and June.  We adjust our schedule accordingly from April to June really.  Last year we did not appear in May.  This year we are doing once a month for the 3 months, April, May, and June.  

We continue to be at the market for July and August twice a month, looking forward to meeting several tourists.

Socks Made On 88 will also be doing our Truro Exhibition stint at the Farm Museum this year as well.  Two days, and I must look up those dates for future reference.  

With all this snow laying on the ground this morning, it is hard to dream of Spring and Summer already.  But you know what perfect time still to wear your Socks Made On 88 sock pairs! It's not Tabbie time yet!

Speaking of Tabbies though we will have a full compliment of those out for your Spring and Summer needs.

Just a reminder that we have two more stints at the market this month.  See you there March 16th and again on March 31st!  After that look for us to appear on April 27th.  Mark those dates down or insert to your memo area on your phone.  But if all else fails, just go to our website, as our market schedule is there, for the whole 2019 year.  ~ MsB