Socks Made On 88

Socks Made On 88
Socks Made On 88

Thursday, 3 January 2019

Happy 7th Birthday today to Socks Made On 88!

Well what a journey this has been thus far... Jan 3 2012 to now Jan 3 2019!  We had a fablous season from September to December and look forward to our next quarter, January to April.  We will be at the market Jan, 5th and Jan 19th, Feb 2 and 16th and then March 2, 16th and 30th. April once being April 27, 2019.  Our schedule for the year is on our website.  Our market is located at Brewery Square, 1496 Lower Water St. Halifax NS. ( 7am to 1pm the stints we attend)  See you there if you are in the neighbourhood sometime soon. ~ MsB
Happy New Year :-)

Sunday, 16 December 2018

As 2018 winds down, we very much look forward to 2019 also :-)

One more week till our last market of 2018 at the Halifax Brewery Farmer's Cooperative Market!  Our year really perked up once September rolled around and have a fablous Fall and Winter season selling our socks.  And of course this is always our busiest time of year.  Both Blake and I look forward to this time.  We always look forward to what the New Year brings too.  We will be at the market twice a month again come January 2019 and pretty much following our schedule as usual from past years.  Our schedule is up at the website for the year, to meet our customers advanced needs if so be it.  This years schedule does have one change though, with going 3 stints in March and only one in April.  May and June still have only one visit being considered our off season.  We will be there at the market July and August, hoping for lots of tourists in 2019.  Also when we have off season, MrB still knits/cranks as he knits ahead for the next Christmas starting in May or June to make sure we have ample pairs stock piled.  Also in January our rack will need to be replenished and our stock of our short tabbies will be re-stocked!  After 7 years we have it down pat, always preparing for what is just around the corner in the present year.  We have fun, we like to visit with our customers and hope they enjoy their sock pairs. And again this year, every time we are at the market, Blake will be demonstating the machine in action, showing of the art of sock making and talking about circular sock machine history.  The history is just about as much passion for him as the actual cranking. We are always ordering yarn colours and in January there will be new colours adorning the rack in all sizes.  We also have some 8 ply and a couple of our customers have already purchased them to try.  We are looking forward to your feedback on those.  We launched the Pony Tail Hat in 2018 and will continue to crank those out too as they are needed.  As I plan the New Year and recap the last year of 2018, it is only fitting to thank you all once again, whom purchased socks or hats from us this year!  We love chatting with our many repeat customers and also meeting many more new customers.  Whether you are an old or new customer, we value your visits even if it is just to say Hello, Good Morning or Have a Great Day!  Now only one more market for 2018, reminding you we will be there Dec 22/18.  January stints will be January 5th and 19th. Hope to see you sometime soon ~ Bonnie, alia MsB


Always good to have some calm time in the season too, and also some HUGS for your feet!

We will be at the market this coming Saturday, December 22, 2018 from 7am to 1pm!  Good chance to get your last minute sock gifts :-)

Sunday, 9 December 2018

One of our Reversible Hats, double thickness for winter warmth!

We will be at the market this coming Saturday, December 15, 2018, 7 am to 1pm, for your sock and hat needs! Stop by!