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Socks Made On 88
Socks Made On 88

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Near the Lamp Post!

This coming Saturday we will be in the Upper Main Courtyard, look for us near the lamp post between Highland Farm and The Biscuit Cutter.  This is where our display will be located this market stint! If all else fails, just turn around and look for our bright neon yellow and green sign, as we are on the other side of the court as we have been in several weeks, or months.

Monday, 23 November 2015

To Market Customers!

 Please note that there is FREE PARKING from now until Christmas, across the street in the Waterfront Development Corporation's "Salter Lot" on Lower Water Street, for your convenience while shopping at the Historic Farmers' Market.  

When you are visiting the market to purchase socks from Socks Made On 88, this parking option may make your market stop easier.
We have 3 more markets before Christmas.
Nov 28/15
Dec 5/15
Dec 19/15

See you this upcoming Saturday, November 28, 2015!

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Thanks to everyone who...

bought socks and hats yesterday at the market!  We will be back to the market again on November 28th!

Friday, 13 November 2015

Display location for tomorrow...

I believe we will be located tomorrow in the Upper Main Courtyard beside Boates Apple Farm towards the orange doors!  
See you there, 7am to 1pm!

November 14, 2015 Market

Ok Remembrance Day is over, today is Friday the 13th, and tomorrow we will be at the market!  Officially now I feel comfortable talking about shopping for Christmas.  For our market stint tomorrow we will have with us all our extra stock which includes LO's, Deranged, Regular Hung-Hemmed, Ribbed, Short Tabbies, Baby Hats, Adult Hats and Soap Sacks!  And 3 more shopping dates after tomorrow, for us, which will be:
November 28th
December 5th and
December 19th! 

I do not know where our display location is, yet for tomorrow.  My best guess is to search both the Upper Main courtyard and the Lower Courtyard if you are looking for US, Socks Made On 88!!
I will post an update of exact location later today or this evening when I know, so if you are interested, please check back here to the blog, our website or Facebook page for that information.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

So Happy with my Good Karma Dyeing from June/15

Every year we go to the Good Karma Farm crank-in.  And every year I go there to do some dyeing for my own personal use.  I am so happy how my colours turned out, as Blake just cranked out my socks for me!  I am so happy I will have 4 more pairs of socks to wear this winter once I get them kitchenered! Now I can't wait to go back again next June!