Socks Made On 88

Socks Made On 88
Socks Made On 88

Friday, 2 December 2016


December is upon us and Socks Made On 88!

Our last market was November 19th!  It was nice to coast this last week, especially having company from Montreal and enjoying some early Christmas gift giving, and entertaining.  

MrB says it's always so nice to see someone open a package and receive socks and have an expression of joy on their face.  Yes, you got it, people can get excited even if they receive socks as a gift.  Even better that the socks were made by us!  She will be sporting, and showing off her sock pairs to her many Montreal friends with envy.  And we will be cherishing the hugs we got in return.

Also the son, who already has many sock pairs, still gets to add to his collection of many.  His drawer must be getting mightly full.  I wonder how he sorts them?  Do you think he sorts them by colour or style?  My bet is that they just exist no sorting at all!  But we know he loves them all, and that is all that matters.

Socks Made On 88 will be at the market tomorrow!  Come buy some sock pairs, and you too can give some joy to a special someone by giving them some Hugs for their feet for Christmas!

And if you can not be present at tomorrow's market, we will be there again on Dec 17th and Dec 24th also! 

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Year end tidy ups!

THANKS for a great market yesterday, folks!  We will be back again on December 3!  And after that only two more stints for your shopping needs.  Those dates will be Dec 3rd and  Dec 24th!

Note: The Market will NOT be open on Dec 31, 2016, as the vendors as a whole have decided to take this market date as a day off break for the end of the year. Market will be back in full swing January 7th.  We, Socks Made On 88 will also be at the market that date, Jan7, 2017.  

Also Note:  Winter Hours will be in place at the Historic Farmers' Market for (3) months, January, February, and March 2017, starting off the year of 2017 . So See you at 8 am instead of 7am, with the first date also being January 7, 2017!  Regular hours will again take place, come April 1, 2017!  Don't worry, I will remind you of this again in the New Year!

Thursday, 17 November 2016

For the Season

We have 3 featured styles/patterns for the upcoming season to fill your shopping needs. We will be at the Historic Farmers' Market this coming Saturday Nov 19th, 7am-1pm :-)

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Remember... Lest We Forget! November 11th tomorrow

It seems like it has been a whirlwind week with Mr.B doing an  English radio interview and a television interview for French viewing. Both Remembrance Day, and Circular Sock Machine related.  Those two events has encouraged us to have an impromtu market stint for this coming Saturday, at the Historic Farmers' Market 7am-1pm.  And as usual the Circular Sock Machine and MrB will be in full swing demonstrating the art of sock making, just as they were used in War time for socks for the troops.  

When watching our local news this evening, there was a small segment of a women 93 years old, who use to teach Morris Code in our region.  She still operates and practices Morris Code from her basement as a hobby.  As she was closing her information to the television audience, she gave a tid bit of info being 73 meant "Best Regards" and then she said better yet, 88 means " Love and kisses"  This was something new we had just learned and a key bit of info to add to our memory banks, as our machine is the 88 th one made.  88 is in our business name and our machine and mascot is called Brigadier 88.   Love and kisses ~ MsB

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

1800's technology (Circular Sock Machine)

Socks Made On 88 will be at the Historic Farmers' Market, this Saturday, November 5, 2016 from 7am to 1pm.
During War time, wool socks helped to prevent trench foot! Did you know that fact?

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Brigadier says...

Come on down to the Historic Farmers' Market and check him out in operation with MrB's assistance, demonstrating the art of sock making, Saturday, October 22, 2016.