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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Thursday, 20 November 2014

LOWER COURTYARD, find us there this Saturday at the Historic Farmers' Market

Look for this sign at the top of the Upper Courtyard near the Musician Stage pointing to the Lower Courtyard.  We will be down the stairs and towards the door of the Yoga establishment.  The market starts for the public this Sat. Nov 22 at 7am and runs to 1pm.  If you end up having trouble finding us and are in the Upper Courtyard, just ask Amanda of The Humble Burdock Farm or Mercedes of Pickled Pink and either of them will be to direct you to our display area!

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Time of Year to use up our Left-Overs again!

MrB has been very busy knitting up our Left-Overs.  Here is a picture of the last of the Men's Left-Overs completed for the Christmas Rush.  We will have them out on our display at the Market for December 6th and December 20th.
Examples of Our, SMO88,  Left-Overs- One of Kind Sock Pairs!

  MrB is also working on getting some our "Derranged" Socks done also.  They will also be available the same above mentioned dates for Christmas Treats!  We made both last year,and they were very much both HITS! Customers have already been asking if we will have both again.  And just to remind you, if you missed my post last year about why these socks are created by Socks Made On 88, I will explain again.  For our left-overs we use are immediate left-overs from making our regular hung-hemmed and ribbed sock pairs.  Then the left-overs of the left-overs are used for our Derranged socks.  The leftover sock pairs have a precise pattern that MrB uses and compiles 6-7 colourways to use to his desired pattern. 

For the Derranged socks in which he makes 4 of one size and the first interested person gets to pick the first 2 socks to make a Derranged Pair!  They are no near the same at all, either of the 4 to choose from.  They are created by winding all the left-overs of the left-overs joined together to get our large balls of yarn! 

 Then MrB just cranks them out one by one adding new balls he has created by one one.  The patterns in the Derranged socks have no rhyme or reason some may have longer patterns occurring than others.  They are simply a mish-mash  of whatever is cranked  out to form the sock! 

Yes MrB is using the 60 cylinder as he is cranking out sizes Women's 6-10  "DERRANGED"  SOCKS!

One Derranged Sock done and on to Derranged Sock #2, you can see the green and orange hung-hemmed cuff!

The wound ball is nearing its end and the next ball will have to be retrieved to finish the 4th sock! SMO88 is proud of our Derranged creations :-)
To all our anxious customers, look for the Left-Over One of Kind and Derranged Socks at our show and sell display on December 6th and December 20, 2014 at the Historic Farmers' Market!  

Our next stint, at the market will be Saturday, November 22, and we will have a larger stock of socks available to choose from.   That stock will include Hung-Hemmed, Ribbed and our Shortie-Tabs.  I will be back closer again toward next Saturday to remind you again, and also let you know of our display location.  The Website and Facebook page of Socks Made On 88, will both be updated also and give you the information you will need to find us.