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Sunday, 19 November 2017


That's this picture! (Photo Credit to Stephan Harris)

Not only is this picture, Cozy, Comfortable and Inviting looking, so is the old Brewery Market we vendor at regularly.  It is a old building with a space that is unique!  And above all, cozy, comfortable and inviting also speaks of our sock pairs too :-)

We will be at the market again this Saturday, November 25, 2018, 7am to 1pm.  We will be ready and waiting to sell you the socks you need for that special gift.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Nov 18th Market we will have available...

Now tis that time of year that Socks Made On 88 rolls out the Left Over pairs, Deranged Pairs and extra stock too :-) The Left over pairs semi match.  The Deranged pairs do not match at all, they are completely different!  There will also be some festive seasonal coloured hats and socks.  This all starts soon ...November 18th market at Brewery Market, Saturday 7am to 1pm.  Get a head start on your shopping needs!  That person that has everything would most likely appreciate a pair of our SOCKS!! That person that you do not know what to get them would probably appreciate a pair of our SOCKS!!  I just think Anyone would appreciate a pair of our SOCKS!!  Know their shoe size and you are all ready, set, go...  We have lots of pairs to choose from in sizes from Women's 5 to Men's 13.  If we need to make yet a bigger size, we can do that too with some notice!  
Market dates : November 18, 25, and Dec 2, 16 and 23rd!!

Monday, 6 November 2017

From Antique Sewing Table to New CSM table

Brigadier on new table!

There she be!

 Love her legs!

 Lots more space!  All set up ready to go....where are you, MrB?  

We were given an old antique sewing machine table/cabinet and MrB had visions of using it for a new CSM Table in his Cranking Cave (Studio).  He had a table top made of Oak to the measurements he wanted.  MrB wanted this table to remain in Cranking Cave and to have less wear and tear on the Erlbacher table.  The Erl table has been taken down so many times to go to and fro to markets, but yes still hangin in there.  Now the Erl table can continue to do just that, and the new CSM Table can stay situated just where it is waiting for MrB to crank out sock pairs on Brigadier (88).  This table supplies so much more room and organization for MrB to complete is cranking tasks! It also looks impressive in the cave too. It does not take up that much more room either so fits it the old original spot.  We just passed our market anniversary and working on year #6 now, so improvements are also welcomed!  MrB is in his studio today, cranking out Left-Overs and Deranged pairs adding to our stock for the coming weeks.  It's that busy time of year and before you know it, will have come and gone :-) 

Sunday, 5 November 2017

1,2,3,4,5, they have saved the day many a time at markets!

You may find this a peculiar post, haha!  These 5 Turtlenecks have saved many a day at the markets we attend over the years.  Our market is very cold in the winter time! I know they are not in style and do not make a fashion statement, but they are my saving grace being a vendor in a very old buidling, vendoring in the upper courtyard that is mainly brick and cobble.  I am posting this today, as I thought I lost them, but I went on a determined search and found them!  I found them yahoo!  They had to be moved to accommodate another being living in the house and I was racking my brain, wondering where I put them....I located them today.  I am a very organized person so this was upsetting to me that I could not find them or thinking I may have even thrown them out by accident :-(   The thing is that they are very old and that I have kept them for many many years.  You can always wear a turtleneck to keep your neck warm and then put an infinity scarf over-top and no one sees it or knows you are wearing them.  I own many scarves indeed, I like to have them to semi-match my sock pairs.  Now is saying that, I just spent time putting together my next five market attendance time outfits so that I know I am warm for the festive season and dug out my most festive sock pairs too!  I am trying to avoid using a certain word just now and I do not want to say it too much until after Remembrance Day!  I know I am quirky gal at times!  OK so back to topic....I wonder how many of you still have a turtleneck hidden in the back of your closet?

Attendances for Brewery Market in the month of November :-)

November 18th and November 25th!

7am to 1pm 

....get your Christmas shopping underway and buy some of our socks pairs. They are Hugs for your feet!

on November 11, 2017

You may remember in a past post I was talking about naming our first comfort doll made.  I suggested Bugsy but now I have decided to rename him Bugsley!  

Here is Bugsley to tell you that our market we attend will be open Nov 11, 2017.  However Socks Made On 88 has chosen not to attend the market that day, and attend a Remembrance Day Service to honour our freedom and those who fought for us. 

Lest We Forget!